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Official Letter to Jeremy Hunt

Greece’s Foreign Minister George Katrougalos sent an official letter to his British counterpart Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday. In it, the foreign minister informed Great Britain of Greece’s stance in case the UK leaves the European Union on March 29 without an agreement with Brussels. Katrougalos noted that Greece will greatly miss the UK as it […]

Our 6 Best Places to Buy Overseas Property in 2019

Spain still remains our favourite holiday home destination and the market has picked back up at an impressive pace over the past year. Buyers dropped off for a couple of years, but they are very definitely back with a vengeance, and post-Brexit, there seems to be strong demand to move there permanently sooner rather than later. […]

Benefits of living in Spain

Spain, by and large, receives a bountiful supply of golden rays of sunshine throughout the year. It is a well-known fact that climate and lifestyle affects health. People who live in warm, sunny climates are generally happier and much more relaxed than those who live in cold, wet climates. An added benefit If you move to Spain, you will […]

Why France?

If you’re in the market for real estate, you will find much of France is surprisingly affordable. This is a predominantly rural country, and if you have notions of restoring a cottage, a farmhouse, or even a château, there’s an ample supply to choose from. There are also many drowsy backwaters where ready-to-move-into properties still […]

Positive Year For Spanish Property Market

Spanish property prices and sales have been forecast to go up. Evolution of the prices has been increased by 6.9% by the end of 2017.  Prices are further set to rise by slightly less at 6.1%. The good progress of the Spanish real estate sector has been demonstrated clear growth. The statistics released in 2017 […]