Book Your Viewing Trip

Most Estate Agents can arrange personalized One to One viewing trips tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Viewing trips can be anything from half day tours to fully comprehensive 4 day buying tours, a viewing trip is the only way to get a good feel of the property you are interested in and get to know the area.

Buying a property overseas is one of the most important decisions you can make, whether it’s a holiday home, investment property, or a life changing Re-location, you should use the time effectively as if it’s a “Business Trip” which of course it is! There will be plenty of holiday and enjoyment time once you have purchased your new home… But you have to find it first!

Decision made… you have decided to change your lifestyle and you are ready to purchase your dream home in the sun! You have your funds in place, next, book your flight. There are plenty of low cost airlines that you can choose from and some very nice hotels. You decide depending on your budget and where you want to stay.


Before you go try and give as much information as you can to the Estate Agent with regards to your particular requirements i.e. type of property, number of bedrooms, location and budget! It is vital that you have your finances in place, you may have to pay a deposit to secure your new home.

The quality of the viewing trip will reflect on quality of the information you have given to the Estate Agent, they can then arrange viewings that suit your requirements exactly. The ‘Dream Home for You! …. they just have to find it!

Remember to have access to your deposit as the best properties do sell quickly… and you do not want to be disappointed because you have to go home and arrange your finance, allow up to 3.000 to 5.000 Euros will take your chosen property off the market and will fix the price! make sure the deposit is refundable should there be any problems and issues with the property beyond your control.

The good Estate Agents have ‘No Pressure’ approach to viewing property and want your trip to be as informative and enjoyable as possible. They will introduce you to a new lifestyle, they will answer all of your questions, show you the area and make your purchase as simple and stress-free as possible.

Once you have chosen your ideal property the Estate Agent can introduce you to their Legal partners, help you to open bank accounts and generally do everything to ensure your purchase is as simple and trouble free as possible. This flexible way of viewing will allow you to reserve your property and enjoy a holiday at the same time.

We highly recommend you to get a qualified Real Estate Lawyer to help you purchase your new dream home abroad, your Lawyer will do all the necessary checks on the property to ensure a clean Tile Deed to the property, make sure there are no outstanding Tax’s / Mortgage / Any outstanding bills must be paid by the previous owner the “Seller” get the property checked for any damp or any other issues, is the property a legal build, make sure there is a building permit for the property and the swimming pool, and any add on extensions on the property, make sure the property is built according to the drawings and floor plans, check all the boundaries around the property, can the property be used for rental purposes and the legal requirements. Make a list of all the questions you wish to ask regarding the property you are interested in.

By following our simple and practical guideline you will enjoy your new home overseas for many years to come… with no regrets.

And finally, enjoy your overseas property viewing trip, it’s very exciting to look at all the beautiful properties for sale abroad, we hope you find your dream home in the sun!

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