Brexit has not put off British people from buying property in Spain

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain, or are currently in the process of buying property in Spain, you may be asking yourself if this is the right time to do so. Many people move from the UK to Spain each year, some plan to move for their retirement, lots of families are looking for a holiday home in the warm sun, and many of course are looking to live and work in Spain for a better quality of life.

Spain is keen to attract foreign property buyers and investors. Foreign purchases made up a surprising 19% of all Spanish property transactions in 2018. Whilst most of these are from EU countries, many are from outside the EU including buyers from Morocco, Russia, and China. So British buyers do not have much to fear about the UK being outside the EU.

Many financial experts are predicting a surge in property sales across Spain after Brexit because they think that London property will become less attractive for investors. In fact, non-EU investors are already looking at the property markets in Spain for their future investment opportunities and at the potential for good returns.

With such a healthy outlook for the Spanish economy over the coming years, it is no wonder that the Spanish government is still keen to attract Brits to move to Spain and invest in the country. The Spanish foreign minister was keen to reassure us that following Brexit, all British expats living in Spain would have their rights protected, even if the UK leaves with ‘no deal’.

No matter what the outcome of the Brexit deal, the sun will always be shining on the beautiful Spanish beaches and the region will remain a strong attraction to Brits wanting to settle down in a warm and friendly environment. One thing is for sure, now is a good time to make a move to Spain. Waiting around for the outcome of Brexit may see the process not being quite as easy as it is today!

So why delay? start living your dream now!!