Britons will continue to buy overseas properties in 2021

Britons have always been the biggest buyers of holiday homes in Europe, so a lot of people were concerned that Brexit and the subsequent triggering of Article 50 would result in them dropping out of the overseas property market completely. That hasn’t happened yet.

The British economy has withstood the shock of the Brexit referendum to a large extent. The warnings made just before and after the Brexit referendum that British expats would lose their right to live in top overseas property destinations such as France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, following Britain’s exit from the European Union now look very much overblown. You want to sell your overseas property online? you will certainly find plenty of buyers from the UK, even today.

Where do Brits look to buy overseas property online? Britons are big buyers of holiday homes in France. Over 200,000 Britons own properties there. France is, of course, Britain’s closest neighbour. The popular areas in France are Provence, French Riviera, Dordogne, and Brittany.

They are big buyers of Spanish villas as well, especially in regions such as Costa Blanca, Canary Islands, Murcia, Valencia, Costa del Sol and Barcelona. Over a million Britons live in Spain and enjoy a very high quality of life there. The cost of living in Spain is considerably lower than in Briton and the weather is warm and sunny most of the time.

Britons love Italy, the laidback lifestyle, family-friendly culture, the lovely sceneries, vibrant cities, great food and the beautiful people. They remain big buyers of holiday homes in Tuscany, Umbria, and for the ski lovers Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

Portugal is another place that is very popular with British buyers. There are over 20,000 British expats who live here. They like the great climate, the lovely beaches and the warm and friendly people. Portugal is also one of the safest countries in the world, with a very low crime rate. The Algarve and Lisbon are the popular areas here.

Greeceremains very popular with British buyers despite the economic crisis in that country. Life in Greek islands such as Kefalonia, Corfu, Crete, and Rhodes, to name just a few, goes on just as usual.

Cyprus and Malta have a substantial British expat community as well, while Bulgaria is fast emerging as a new favorite.