Guide to Greece Golden Visa – Updated: January 18, 2021

Greece Golden Visa programs have been quite popular in the sector for a long time now. This success they got will continue to last in 2021, as the country is ever more supportive of foreign investors at the moment.

Greece Golden Visa at a Glance

As of January 2021 the Greece Golden Visa program requires its investors to buy a real estate that is worth at least 250.000 Euros to be eligible for it. There is no need to stay in the country for any time to receive one’s residence permit. In fact, the investor’s entire core family can get their residency without even going to Greece once. This happens commonly as some investors prefer to buy hotels or Airbnb style houses in touristic parts of the country and rent them out for more profit. Ultimately buying a solid real estate is a good and easy way to get Greek residency.

What Good is a Greek Residency in 2021

Greece still has some of the best schools and universities when it comes to education, and very capable doctors and hospitals for those that need better healthcare. It is a part of the EU thus getting a residency there means being able to work and live anywhere in the Schengen region. This is a huge bonus, as it effectively means that you become a citizen of about 20 countries with one investment. Greek Golden Visa allowing your family members to become a part of it is also great for many foreign investors with children or spouses to care about. Basically, Greek Golden Visa offers anything a residency seeker can ask for.

Why Will Greek Golden Visa Be A Good Option in 2021

Greek Golden Visa was always a profitable option, but it will become more so in 2021 The newly elected government already pledged to support the program through some tax cuts for the investors, which will likely cheapen the entire procedure for some foreign investors. Real estate prices all around Greece is roaring in tandem with the rise in tourism. This means that not only will the foreign investors that are interested in a Greek Golden Visa in 2021 will spend less to get one, but also earn more after they liquidate their real estate if they choose to. Moreover, the economy of Greece is in recovery thus living there is becoming more and more attractive to many people who are seeking a better quality of life.

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