How Does Adding A Pool Or Spa Add Value To Your Home?

There’s no denying that a pool can definitely help when it comes to selling your home. Keep your pool in good condition and you’re certainly adding in a highly desirable feature.


A pool makes your house stand out from the crowd

When people are looking for a house to buy, they’re looking for that house that has that little extra something that makes it special. If you’ve ever been viewing houses, the agents will often have you looking at many properties all in one day. Eventually it’s all a blur, you forget which house was which! If your house has a pool, it’s going to be remembered. It was ‘the one with the pool’. Just about everyone would love a pool, and moving into a home that already has one is a real bonus for many home buyers.


On the other hand, not having a pool may put you at a disadvantage

Of course, it could work the other way. If you live on a street where all the houses are quite similar, but yours doesn’t have a pool, if two or more houses come on the market, which is going to sell first? Most likely the house with the pool, unless your price is significantly lower!


Put thought into a great design

When you have your pool designed, think about how it will look in the future, and bear in mind how it will appear to potential buyers down the line. Perhaps having your pool tiled with your initials isn’t such a great idea after all!


Good maintenance is key

A pool is a fantastic distraction

There really aren’t many properties that are absolutely perfect, but having a pool can really help to distract people from the aspects of your property that are less than perfect. Pools are emotive. People want them, and the lure of the pool in the garden will be so great that they’re willing to overlook the fact that the property is a little remote for their liking or that the kitchen needs an upgrade.


Adding value while you’re adding fun!

Of course you don’t simply have a pool built to add value to your home for when you come to sell it! But, you can rest assured that you are increasing the value of your property, all the while you’re enjoying your pool with your family. The only problem is, when you do come to move, you certainly won’t want to move to a property that doesn’t have a pool!