Kids have left home and the nest is empty!

You’re child-free now, which means more ‘me-time’! The world is your oyster, so why not get out and explore? If you’re feeling anything like bored housewife Shirley Valentine did in the 1989 comedy film, life can seem quite repetitive in the UK. Greece offers a range of exciting activities and projects so you can make the most of your new-found freedom.

Each region is different, but which is the best? Well, that depends on your interests. Whether that’s walking, learning about ancient Greece or making some extra money on a rental property, here are our picks of where to buy in Greece for empty nesters…


Explore Kefalonia Island in Greece

Kefalonia island is blessed with natural beauty in spring there is an abundance of wildflowers. Did you know that there are 31 different types of wild orchids on the island? Even as a local, one is always surprised about the green and varied nature of Kefalonia at this time of year. The temperature in spring is pleasant and sunshine is quite reliable from May onwards.

Walking in Kefalonia can reward you with discovering hidden places of great beauty. There are quite a few sign-posted hiking trails but if you set off on your own you may, with a little luck, discover surprising places. Sometimes you come across an abandoned village, a half-ruined church, or simply a breathtaking view over the sea.

Nevertheless, autumn in Kefalonia. The heat has passed after mid-September, the air is clear and transforms the colours into richer shades. The sea has a deep blue colour that you rarely see in July or August. These are days like silk, with soft air and bright colours. After months of hiding from the midday heat, you can now go out in the sun again during noon hours. October is a wonderful month to explore Kefalonia and to have the beaches almost to yourself.


Walking and swimming in Crete

Having more freedom from the kids means more time on your hands, which in turn, means more time on your feet exploring new places! Walking is a common hobby for empty nesters, with many flocking to Greece’s largest island: Crete. The landscape is vast and varied, with interesting geography everywhere you turn. It has four climate zones, ranging from alpine to southern Mediterranean, so you will likely spot all kinds of flora and fauna on your hikes. In fact, Crete has more than three times as many native plant species as the UK. There are also some impressive gorges to discover, including the famous Samaria Gorge.

As well as some great walking trails, Crete is known as one of the most friendly and welcoming places in Greece. There is hardly any crime, so it is a safe place to call home. If you fancy buying in Crete, Chania is a fantastic and affordable location to look for property. You’ll enjoy the stunning Venetian harbour with a great selection of waterfront restaurants, along with being close to Samaria Gorge and some of the best beaches on the island.


Finding like-minded friends in Corfu

Moving abroad can be scary; you will likely be leaving behind family, friends and home comforts. Finding friends in your new country can make all the difference when it comes to settling in. Corfu has more expats than anywhere else in Greece, with people from all over the world now calling the island their home. A large proportion of these expats come from the UK and Germany, and they will have all been through the same experiences as you when moving to Greece. Not only will they be able to answer any questions you may have, but you will likely have many similarities and get on well with them.

An easy way to meet likeminded people is to join expat groups, sports clubs or even a Greek language club.

The island has plenty of activities for you to enjoy – either alone or with your new friends – such as snorkelling, water sports, nature trails for walking and cycling, and sailing to name a few. Corfu is also home to one of the best-kept golf courses in Europe.


Learn more about ancient Greece – Peloponnese

If you want to immerse yourself in ancient Greece, the Peloponnese is where to go. Located in southern Greece, this peninsula is bursting with historical sites, including Corinth, Olympia, Epidaurus and Mycenae. The well-preserved medieval town of Monemvasia is completely carved into the rock and overlooks the Aegean Sea. It features many Venetian buildings and is only accessible by foot, so you will feel like you have stepped back in time. If you fancy escaping the craziness of modern life, look to the inexpensive serene village of Stoupa, or the dreamy town of Nafplion for a holiday home.

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