Mediterranean Lifestyle

Living in the Mediterranean has many health benefits including maintaining an ideal body weight without having to diet. It encourages an excellent cardiovascular system. It can also reduce stress levels, alleviate depression and keeps your mind sharp throughout your entire life. Living by the Mediterranean Sea is invigorating, refreshing and relaxing. It’s the perfect location for improving your health and well-being.


The Mediterranean lifestyle isn’t about dieting and counting calories. Instead, it concentrates on enjoying balanced meals made with fresh ingredients. The weekly farmers’ markets in towns are full of locally grown produce. Traditional meals often include lentils and beans that are both high in protein. Onions and sun ripe tomatoes are main ingredients. They are full of vitamin C and beneficial anti-oxidants. Garlic has anti-biotic properties to guard against infections and disease. Cuisine contains herbs and spices such as basil, thyme, turmeric and chillies that help to reduce high blood pressure. Olive oil is an important source of fat that’s essential for a healthy metabolism. But as an unsaturated fat, it won’t form blockages in your arteries.


The Mediterranean lifestyle is very sociable. It includes sharing meals al fresco and chatting over the day’s events. Experts recommend laughter as one of the best tonics you can get. Many of the apartments and villas offer privacy. But they also include communal gardens and gyms where you can enjoy the company of your neighbours. Even if you live alone, you’ll belong to a community where you can share in the fun of local fiestas. Many gated communities have welcoming social clubs where the residents plan activities throughout the year. If you move abroad as an ex-pat or retiree, you will find it very easy to keep in touch with your family with international Airports within easy reach and efficient train and ferry services.


An important part of a healthy, Mediterranean lifestyle is regular exercise. It helps keep your joints and muscles supple at any age. Exercise also improves the way your metabolism performs. It helps keep your blood circulation and heart functioning healthily. It provides you with Vitamin D that is essential for bone health and preventing aching joints. When you live in Mediterranean cities you have at least 320 sunny days to enjoy outdoor activities. There are strenuous activities such as swimming, scuba diving and jet skiing. But there are also gentler pursuits such as walking or cycling.


An important part of the Mediterranean lifestyle is feeling peaceful. You can easily relax amongst the unique scenery. You can often find property that combines views of mountains, forests, parklands and the sea all at the same time! The Mediterranean Sea enriches your life. It fills the atmosphere with anti-bacterial iodine that helps clear your lungs of toxins. The sea also provides magnesium that aids the absorption of nutrients and prevents blood clots. A Mediterranean lifestyle has many health benefits to help you live a long and happy life. At Home Search Overseas with our experience, we can make sure your new life abroad starts trouble-free. We’ll help you find the finest, luxury apartment or villa that should provide everything you need to follow a healthy, Mediterranean lifestyle.