Path to European Residency in Greece

Calling Greece your second home is a dream for many people.

The Greek culture, stunning coastline, delicious cuisine, beautiful landscape, business opportunities, and many other advantages are in themselves sufficient for buying property in Greece. Apart from that, go through these perks mentioned below. We are sure these will entice you to hasten up your decision.

Low Taxes

Greece indeed has a lot to offer the foreigners who are investing in the country. For overseas residents, the country offers terrific tax deals. If your native country is under a tax treaty with Greece, you don’t have to pay double taxes. Moreover, income from Greece’s properties will be taxable in Greece only, and any income from abroad will be tax-free.

The current PM of the country, Mitsotakis, has even announced VAT suspension on the real estate properties in the country. However, you’ll have to pay a property tax each year.

Affordable Lifestyle

The country has been blessed with a rich past, splendid scenery, and a treasure of Greek values. Not to mention, the Greeks emphasize family, tradition, and a love of the outdoors. Moreover, Greece offers an affordable lifestyle for all. From a small town to a big tech city, the way of living is full of tranquility and pride.

Moreover, not only is buying property in Greece easy but the lifestyle too, as compared to other European countries, is better than many.

Easy To Travel to

Furthermore, with its great connections with the rest of the world, you can travel to Greece without any inconvenience. Therefore, no one will ever find it difficult to reach there. In fact, once you have landed in the country, you will find out that the local transportation system is very much affordable and connected to every town.


Since it is a welcoming country, the Greeks will treat you as one of their own as soon as you land in the country. Moreover, as more and more people from the EU and non-EU countries are moving to Greece, you will likely find familiar faces amidst the crowd.

Therefore, with these many luxury benefits, who wouldn’t like to move to Greece?

So, we are already anticipating that you are going to make a move and buy a property there, so the next section will take you through the buying process.

Path to European Residency

Greece has a Golden Visa scheme that grants residency in return for investment. If the property you’re going to buy costs a minimum of €250,000, you can be eligible for a Greece Golden Visa with this program, you get visa-free access to Schengen countries and many other benefits.

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