2 bedroom apartment for Sale in Portimão

Property ID: pe1822-1A

Buy 2 bedroom apartment in the development ELITE RESIDENCE at 150 m. from beach Praia da Rocha.COME TO DISCOVER THE NEW DEVELOPMENT ON THE BEACH PRAIA DA ROCHA – ELITE RESIDENCE.We carry out online visits to properties in real time through video calling on WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger and video conference on Zoom in developments under construction or finished and vacant properties.You will be able to see Virtual Visits, 3D Visits and Virtual Reality of the properties in developments under construction and new apartments.The Elite Residence is located in the heart of beach Praia da Rocha, just over 150 meters from the sea, a luxurious location between Marina of Portimão and village Alvor. A unique space to live, spend vacations and enjoy the tranquility that make your home in a special home.The Elite Residence is reborn with the same elegance to host a unique tourist condominium, now powering more than 9 thousand square meters of the property to offer 90 exclusive properties, with multiple typologies from one to three bedrooms with magnificent sea views, distributed by 1 block with 17 floors are distinguished by their large areas, from 73 m2 to 202 m2 with use of 1 parking place, has more 5 shops.The development has use of spectacular garden and swimming pool.Inside of the apartments the finishes are discreet luxury and the ambiance is seductive. The large balconies have an excellent sun exposure and sea view. The kitchens with all appliances to embed, ready to work: oven, ceramic hob, extractor, solar water heater, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator combined, stainless steel sink.In the bathrooms: suspended sanitary ware, suspended washbasin counters, shower trays, chrome taps, wall mirrors.Fire and high security entrance doors. Aluminum window frames with double high panoramic glass.FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENTS:- Elevators with security system that in case of electricity failure descends to the nearest floor and opens the doors. Telephone inside the cabin.- VideoPhone- Air-conditioning in all rooms and bedrooms (pre-installation)- Underfloor heating with heat pump (pre-installation)- Solar energy for heating sanitary waters.- Gates of access to the Condominium and garages, automatic and with individual control.- Parking basement with detection of fire and carbon monoxide.This privileged setting allows You to fully enjoy all the charms of Praia da Rocha, where there are excellent restaurants, coffee shops and terraces, shops, all water sports, a magnificent beach and an appealing nightlife that has among its ex libris the Casino.Portimão is a city rich in cultural events with a unique and privileged location in the extreme southwest of Europe and making the bridge between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Portimão is a place with a fantastic climate and a very rich natural beauty. It is a land that does not despise its rural and maritime roots. The most beautiful beaches of Portimão stretch for eight kilometers of fine golden sand, harmonious ocher cliffs, warm sunshine, warm blue sky and crystalline green sea, which create idyllic settings for your holiday in the Algarve.The Portimão Marina, which is the last safe port on the way to the Mediterranean, surrounded by some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Europe, the Marina of Portimão, has become a Portuguese leader as a destination. Cabo de São Vicente, with its 60 meters of height and 100 meters of length, that is reached the extreme south-west of Portugal and of Europe, or the Mountain range of Monchique and Fóia with altitude has 902 m. which is the highest point in the Algarve. The Faro International Airport is only 45 minutes away and represents the main tourist gateway in the region and the second largest external passenger entrance at national level, just after Lisbon airport, with so many other appeals.Do not forget and the golf courses as well, the Alto Golf that prides itself on possessing all the features that exalt a golf course situated near the sea: the gentle undulations of the fairways and the challenging greens. And all this in front of the wonderful scenery of the Sierra de Monchique.The Morgado Golf is one of the longest courses in the region. The 18-hole course is set in a moderately landscaped area, perfectly integrated into the surrounding rustic landscape.The Penina Hotel & Golf Resort is the natural golfing home in the Algarve and Penina is undoubtedly the birthplace of the Algarve’s reputation as the premier golfing destination.The Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, which is a real race against time, is part of an innovative project worldwide. It is designed to offer all the facilities to the most varied sectors of the motor industry, from the constructors to the racing teams and companies, allowing them to present, test and develop their products.The Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve (KIA), which opened in 2010, is one of Europe’s largest go-kart tracks and represents a further important milestone in the global Algarve Motor Park project.The KIA has a restaurant, pit garages and shops as well as more than 50 karts of different categories for hire. The circuit can operate two tracks simultaneously, where you’ll find no shortage of official races, championship races and private competitions.The go-kart track is an excellent testing ground, featuring areas where wet conditions can be simulated, making it the perfect complement to the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve. The go-kart track is the ideal venue for companies and teams looking to stage different types of events, whether hiring a meeting room, launching a product or simply conducting a team-building exercise.The Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve is without a doubt a superb leisure and entertainment complex for karting fans, companies, families and children, who are all guaranteed to have a great time.Ralis as well as Rallye Casinos do Algarve, in addition to the usual closure of accounts of the National Rally Championship and the FPAK Asphalt Rally Cup, was also the stage of the FIA European Rally Trophy Final, with fifteen nationalities present at the start in the riverside zone of Portimão.Also in the riverside area of Portimão they take part in the World Championship of Formula 1 in Motorboat, one of the most exciting high-speed sports in the world. The race takes place in the estuary of the river Arade and includes spectacles not to be missed in F4 and F1.This magnificent development will have its completion scheduled for the end of year 2020.Images are for illustration purposes only. The areas considered are approximate rough private areas. Finishes and equipment may be changed. The information contained on this website is purely indicative and may, for technical, commercial or legal reasons, be subject to change without notice.

  • Address: Portimão, Faro District 
  • City: Portimão 
  • Country: Portugal 
  • Region: Faro 
  • Bedrooms:
  • Bathrooms:
  • Raw Images: https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932d3.JPG?a=5a5285ef-1128-e1457-0331c-5182988215318821093824,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932d4.jpg?a=fd5d161c-2a89-e1531-0331c-1003214579888821098824,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932d5.jpg?a=dd7fe76b-d268-a1214-3118a-5798840315318821090300,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932d6.jpg?a=39afb7d5-ad73-d2145-9033d-8607988315318821013833,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932d7.jpg?a=6f67a1c3-ad3c-d2145-3138a-5907988315318821090303,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932d8.jpg?a=997a6a24-720a-c1315-0331c-4331214579888821098822,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932d9.jpg?a=55c826de-5c25-e5798-0331c-2214871315318821091824,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932da.jpg?a=f2d1b42a-8056-a2145-0331c-7988991315318821090820,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932db.jpg?a=113d8225-4439-b1457-9033d-2988942315318821010831,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932dc.jpg?a=dcb8cda4-5ded-b2145-0331c-5798872315318821091821,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932dd.jpg?a=94d4885d-701c-e1214-3158a-9033579885318821090304,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932de.jpg?a=f1248bc9-3006-d2145-0903e-9437988315318821313843,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932df.jpg?a=fd424d18-848c-a6214-3118a-5798883315318821090300,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e0.jpg?a=43e3c07c-46a2-c4321-3314b-3145798815318821090812,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e1.JPG?a=cf2e737a-350b-e1521-3168a-5543457988318821090304,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e2.JPG?a=9505d748-0957-a2943-0331c-1531214579888821098820,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e3.JPG?a=bf10caf5-d441-d3121-3158a-1454579885318821090303,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e4.JPG?a=73f1c5ed-204e-b8531-3188a-4531214579888821090301,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e5.JPG?a=810c241a-ea31-c2145-0331c-2279886315318821092822,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e6.JPG?a=0688074b-0fde-b5632-0903e-8145798815318821314841,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e7.JPG?a=c1157fdc-5ab9-b9621-9033d-4457988315318821013831,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e8.JPG?a=a48b8518-bdfa-b5731-3168a-0521457988318821090301,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932e9.JPG?a=56e17ac6-af5c-e1531-3188a-1973214579888821090304,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932ea.JPG?a=dfbcfe54-7b2e-b3821-0331c-0457988315318821093821,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932eb.JPG?a=53cb1c5a-9241-a6783-3316b-1521457988318821090810,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932ec.JPG?a=9e7336a3-e5b5-c9214-9033d-2157988315318821013832,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932ed.JPG?a=61bd8dfb-924f-d3153-0903e-1992145798818821317843,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932ee.JPG?a=3ca8f10c-a415-d5798-3310b-2148630415318821090813,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932ef.JPG?a=931fc003-56dd-e1457-9033d-5702988415318821013834,https://images.egorealestate.com/ZOriginal/S5/C5118/P21457988/Tphoto/ID446c4701-0000-0500-0000-00000e9932f0.JPG?a=1ee9d7b4-e4c5-c1214-0331c-6257988415318821093822 
  • Type: Apartment 
  • State: Faro District 

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