Retiring to Portugal: the advantages

Lifestyle in Portugal

Good quality of life, good food and good wine. These are only some of the things you’ll find if you decide to retire to Portugal. And the best is that you will be able to have access to all this without having to pay too much. The cost of living in Portugal is significantly lower than other European countries. Even real estate is lower. Your pension will get you much more purchasing power in Portugal than it would in your country of origin. Whether you want to eat at a good restaurant, spend a weekend away or go to shows, there is no shortage of things to enjoy, at relatively accessible prices.


Mild climate and 300 days of sun

Unlike other European countries, where temperatures get very low and the sun rarely shines in the winter, Portugal has a mild climate and temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees. With an average of 300 days of sun per year, the weather is, beyond a doubt, a good reason to retire to Portugal. The country has the ideal conditions for those who wish to enjoy a pleasant retirement. All through the year it is possible to enjoy outdoor activities, such as long walks along the coast, or golf. The hardest will be choosing what to do.


Top notch health care

With retirement age comes the need to pay closer attention to your health, and ensure access to top notch health care. If you decide to retire to Portugal you will also be able to enjoy a quality public health system. The National Health Service(SNS) guarantees healthcare for all its beneficiaries. Outside of the public health system there is a wide ranging network of private health care and clinics. If you opt for the private hospitals, it is important to take out health insurance, so as to benefit from lower prices.


Landscapes for every taste

Another good reason to retire to Portugal is the beauty of the country itself. Despite its relatively small size, Portugal has a variety of unique landscapes and places to live suitable to all tastes. If it’s sun and beach you are after, then the Algarve is the best place for your retirement. Those who prefer the tranquility of the countryside can purchase an estate in the Alentejo or in the Douro. As far as city life is concerned, Lisbon and Porto still hold the most potential, in terms of culture and access to services. It is possible to live in the capital, for instance and still be close to the beach. The Cascais coastline is, as a matter of fact, one of the preferred destinations for foreigners who move to Portugal.

El Dorado and Europe’s Florida are just some of the terms used to describe Portugal as a destination for many European retirees to live in. Be it because of the climate, the low cost of living or the attractive tax regime, a growing number of pensioners have decided to move to Portugal… so start packing!