Sailing in the Greek Islands

If you’re planning on sailing when you buy in Greece or taking up sailing in your retirement, there’s nowhere better than the Greek islands, but which islands offer the best range of homes with access to the water, at a range of prices? We list five of our favorites’…


Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and it’s even better when viewed from the sea – sailing around it’s beautiful beaches, cliffs, forests and bays is idyllic, here you will find loggerhead sea turtles, dolphins diving and swimming in crystal clear waters. Kefalonia is blessed with outstanding natural beauty, a very green island. The whole of the Ionian islands are a joy to sail around, with guaranteed sunshine and reliable winds, but Kefalonia is often the island which most people choose to keep coming back to…

Property prices may vary in Kefalonia island, but you can still find affordable homes ranging from  €100,000 – €195,000 will buy you a two bedroom house or apartment with country and mountain views, but for those with larger budgets, you can find some amazing luxury villas with private pools and stunning sea views from around €400,000. to €900,000.


Another of the Ionian islands, Corfu is rather greener and lusher than its island counterparts. The numerous scenic sailing routes around the island would take you past soft sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages, with plenty of opportunity to stop off and take a dip in the calm, transparent waters.

The island would not only make a perfect summer holiday sailing location but a wonderful year-round home too. In the summer months, sail the days away, and in the winter months spend your time strolling through the historical Old Town admiring the architecture, visiting the museums, sitting in the parks or having a coffee by the harbour.

Although prices can vary, on the whole, property in Corfu is more affordable than some of the other islands we’ve mentioned. If you’re willing to give a place a little TLC, you can find village homes and detached houses in need of renovation for as little as €30,000. On the other hand, €100,000 – €150,000 will buy you a two-bedroom house or apartment with countryside views that is ready to move into. Do remember that in places, Corfu is only three or four miles wide, so even if you bought more inland, you would never be too far from the sea.


The largest island in Greece and one of the most popular with international buyers, Crete is well worthy of its place in our top five If the friendly locals and impressive historical sights aren’t enough to tempt you, the secret coves and hidden beaches might do the trick. These secluded coastal spots are perfect to reach by boat, allowing you to leave behind the crowds and totally embrace the beauty of the island.

When it comes to mooring up your boat, look to Sitia Marina, Heraklion Marina, Kissamos Marina and Port of Chania.

The island of Crete is divided into four regions: Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon and Lasithi. Property prices vary between regions. In Heraklion prices range from cosy apartments costing €50,000 all the way up to luxury villas for near €3million. In comparison, in Rethymnon, two-bedroom villas will cost you between €100,000-€150,000.


Known for its picturesque, whitewashed houses, cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, Mykonos is undeniably alluring. When it comes to yachting, Mykonos boats a plethora of beaches and sailing routes. Popular routes include visiting the uninhabited islands of Rhenia and Delos where you can swim and snorkel amongst the sparkling coves.

Hardly surprisingly, Mykonos is one of the more expensive Greek islands. After Queen Frederique of Greece expressed her affection for the island after a cruise around the Cyclades in 1954, Mykonos earned an exclusive and glamorous reputation and has attracted royals and A-listers ever since.

The sky really is the limit with prices in Mykonos, but for those with a more modest budget, you can find villas with sea views from around €400,000.


Romance, sunsets and blue-domed whitewashed houses – Santorini is truly breathtaking. But apart from sheer beauty, Santorini also offers sailors a unique and interesting landscape to explore.

The island was formed by a big volcanic eruption which has left its mark in the form of black pebbled beaches, rugged scenery and a number of hot springs. There is also the famous Red Beach with its vibrant red sand and rock face.

Like Mykonos, property can be expensive but a home in Santorini presents a brilliant opportunity to make a premium from rentals. A two-bedroom terraced house in Pyrgos, one of the larger villages, would cost around €400,000 with larger villas upwards of €800,000.

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