The Italian lifestyle is all about enjoying the moment

The Italian lifestyle is all about enjoying the moment, and Italians’ love of talking is a good example of that. They’re rarely too busy to stop for quick natter, from taking time to eat and drink well, to spending time with family, here are 7 ways the Italian lifestyle can teach us to appreciate life more.

1. Taking a Proper Lunch Break
We’re not just talking an hour here – the Italian habit of shutting up shop for a good few hours over lunch is worth considering. It means everyone has time to eat a decent meal, and even have a little snooze, before returning to work refreshed.


2. Talking, Talking, Talking
Italians love to talk. We know that expressing your emotions instead of bottling them up is always better for your health, and the Italians have embraced that fact. Hop on board an Italian train, and you’ll find that whoever is sitting nearby will want to exchange a few words. As we know, Italian’s talk with their hands as well as their voices, so you get a bit of a workout for your body, as well as the chance to vent your emotions and opinions too! They also like a bit of physicality while talking – for example, a friendly hand on the shoulder, or ruffle of a child’s hair – and science tells us that touching is good for us, releasing the feel-good hormone Oxytocin. The Italian lifestyle is all about enjoying the moment, and Italians’ love of talking is a good example of that. They’re rarely too busy to stop for quick natter.


3. Eating a Mediterranean Diet
A great deal of research on the Mediterranean diet has proven that it’s good for you – particularly eating plenty of tomatoes, olive oil, fresh fruit and veg, fresh fish, and a glug or two of decent red wine. In fact, it’s even been recognized by UNESCO* as being representative of the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’. Food is a key component of the Italian lifestyle, and it’s one of the main reasons we all love the country so much. Even if you’re simply eating pasta with a simple drizzle of garlic and olive oil, in Italy the meal should be an occasion, meaning it should be eaten with other people, sitting at a table, and with proper respect for the food and yourself. Eating while rushing around, or sitting alone at a computer, is a no-no. Adopt the Italian respect for food, and you’re sure to feel an improvement to your life.


4. Drinking a Lot of Coffee
It might not quite fit with most doctors’ advice, but it seems to us that the frequent highly-caffeinated espresso hits taken by most Italians throughout the day pep up life no end.


5. Being Proud of the Local Culture
Whichever beautiful Italian town, city, or village you end up investing in property ask any local, and they will tell you why it’s the best one. Italians are fiercely proud of the place they’re from, and will tell you all about its traditions and food. Local shops always sell the specialties of the region, and the shopkeepers will be knowledgeable about each item. This love of local food has also meant that markets thrive in Italy, as well as small shops. Going to get your daily groceries from a bustling and vibrant outdoor market is tangibly better for you than wandering up and down the strip-lit rows of an indoor supermarket.


6. Taking an Evening Passeggiata
The passeggiata is a leisurely walk or stroll, taken in the evening for the purpose of socializing. It combines exercise, showing off your new outfit, enjoying a drink or gelato at the local bar, taking pleasure in a warm evening and hanging out with your friends. This is how to enjoy life in one simple word.


7. Valuing Family Time
Every Italian loves their nonna and any bambini in their family. Take a baby to Italy and it will be appreciated, have its little cheeks squeezed, and be passed around for cuddles. Italian’s love their families, and tend to stay living closer to their extended family than Brits do. Of course, families can be annoying, but if they’re close by you can simply pop in every few days or so and catch up, or be fed with nonna’s amazing pasta on Sunday, without having to spend days together. It’s a healthier relationship all round.