UK investors are snapping up real estate in Greece

According to research from international experts on real estate, residency and citizenship through investment, the Cyclades, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Athens are currently the most expensive pockets of the Greek property market.

It’s clear to see why Greece has become an area of intent for UK investors across a variety of sectors. Not only is the pace of life and the climate more favourable but even the most prestigious pockets of the Greek real estate market are incredibly good value when compared to London,” said Arthur Sarkisian, Managing Director of Astons.

Investing in the Greek real estate market could be a wise choice as property prices across the country have climbed by 2.7% in the last year alone, up from an average of €127,596 to €131,040 for the average property.

We expect this interest in Greece as the investment destination of choice will continue to build over the coming months, particularly where UK investors are concerned, although the nation is attracting attention from a global audience.

Greece is a very desirable, stunning location for those seeking a better quality of life, and a fabulous affordable lifestyle. Greece offers prime properties in stunning locations, some 85% less than London’s Kensington and Chelsea.

Greece plans to make buying property for foreigners easier – by introducing new incentives for foreigners with means to live in Greece.

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