We all love a bit of luxury!

Maybe we can inspire you to go more upmarket when you buy abroad? Here’s a guide to some of the ‘comforts’ you find in luxury holiday homes.

Infinity pool
There’s nothing like it to enjoy the views from your overseas home immersed in an infinity pool, or gazing across it from the comfort of your terrace? Also known as zero-edge pools, these fabulous swimming pools give tantalizing visual impact to the outside area of a home. Because they give the impression that there is no separation between the water and surrounding landscape, infinity pools are especially effective in properties that are elevated and in scenic locations, such as by the sea or on a hillside.

They’re not just for hot sunny climates either. Skiers might be tempted by somewhere with a thermal infinity pool, offering jaw-dropping panoramas of snow-capped mountains and rolling valleys below – half an hour in there and your muscles will soon be soothed after a hard day on the slopes.

Gym & spa
Pampering ourselves and keeping fit. so, if you can afford to, why not have the necessary facilities in your own home and start to enjoy the health benefits? Not only are you in your own private space, you won’t have to take trips to the local gym.

A luxury home gym or spa, can range from a multi-purpose workout room to a fully equipped pro studio, with Jacuzzi, massage room and sauna. In overseas homes you will find the setting above ground in an area with stunning views, and, to enjoy the out-door lifestyle, rather than stuck down in the basement!!

Home automation
Smart technology is a must-have in contemporary luxury homes. Home automation is no longer just about a fast internet connection and a network of appliances controlled by a central console. the idea is to make life as comfortable, easy and secure as possible – and maybe to show off, just a little!

Today the most cutting-edge properties include voice activation systems for use when at home while remote solutions enable you to control things, such as heating, lights, blinds and cameras, when you’re out and about or half-way round the world.

The really clever stuff turns giant flat-screen TVs into majestic interior features, allows domestic ‘hardware’, such as televisions and speakers, to be hidden away when not in use and pop up on demand, and can even transform outdoor areas into entertainment hubs.

So, go on spoil yourself, push the boat out and enhance your lifestyle!

Here are a few locations where you can purchase a luxury property;