What does Kefalonia island in Greece have to offer international holiday home buyers and retirees?

Kefalonia island has outstanding natural beauty and varied scenery, a great mix of pebble and sandy beaches, most of the island is un-spoilt and undiscovered. Kefalonia is very close to the UK – most flights are under 4 hours to any UK airport and just two hours from the Greek mainland by ferry and under 45 minutes from Athens by plane. Kefalonia is also much better for long term property investment compared to other places in Europe. There are also several work opportunities for people with the right skills. Kefalonia is virtually zero crime rate.


What kind of people buy in Kefalonia?

They fall into three main categories:

1) Retirees or semi-retirees of all ages who have worked hard and now deserve several weeks a year of total relaxation and high quality of living.

2) People who are looking for a better quality of life, and a healthy climate all year round to enjoy the wonderful outdoor lifestyle.

3) Investors who are looking to buy property that offers steady growth over a longer period.

Why should I consider buying property in Kefalonia?

The reasons are many – Here are a few to consider:​

​​- Kefalonia is a short flight (just under 3 hours) from most European airports. There are direct flights between April and October from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Manchester, Bristol, East Midlands and Newcastle, airports in the UK as well as Switzerland, Sweden, Cyprus and several other European countries. So visiting your family and friends back home is convenient and relatively inexpensive.​

​- Kefalonia’s climate is mild and slightly wet in the winter and warm and dry in the summer. Expect 7-8 hours of sunshine daily on average.​

Thanks to its unique and unconventional shape Kefalonia offers easy reach to both mountains and sea. You are never too far from the beach or the top of a mountain.​

​- Kefalonia is the fifth biggest Greek island but has a population of just 45,000. No over-crowding or traffic jams here, not even during the busy summer period.​

– Greece has one of the lowest crime rates among all EU nations. Kefalonia itself has one of the lowest crime rates in Greece.​


What is special about Kefalonia perhaps compared to other places in Greece?​

Kefalonia is truly unique in many respects. Firstly, the weather is near-perfect. Summers are warm but mainly dry and winters are mild with a bit of rain. Other Greek islands can feel significantly hotter. Secondly, the island never feels over crowded. It is a very large island with lots to see and do but its population is under 50,000. Thirdly, the island has managed to keep its unique Greek identity. Finally, the average cost of living is lower than most other Greek islands.​


Are property prices in Kefalonia island reasonable?

Yes, very much so. €250,000 – €300,000 Euros will buy you a 3 bedroom villa and pool with spectacular sea and mountain views.

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