What to look for in a good Real Estate Agent

If you’re moving abroad and looking to buy a property, or you wish to sell your house overseas, the process can be stressful and exhausting, especially if you don’t know the language very well and all the legal jargon that surrounds the real estate industry. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, why not get a good Real Estate Agent that speaks your language to take care of everything for you.

However, there’s a huge number of real estate agencies out there and although they might seem similar, the quality of the services they offer can vary greatly. So, how can you find the best estate agent for you? Do your research and look for these 5 things in your estate agent.

1.They pay attention to you: A good estate agent will answer the phone when you call, reply to your emails, send you any information you ask for and if you want to visit a property a second or third time, they’ll help you do another viewing. Basically, look for someone who will do all this at your convenience, anytime you need it.

2.They’re on the internet: Since 90% of property buying and selling happens online these days, you should be looking for an estate agency with its own website and a social media presence. This means they will have more reach when it comes to finding you a buyer for your house or a good portfolio of properties for sale for you to choose from.

3.They speak English and have experience with ex-pats: Not only should your estate agent know the local area, the market and the legal framework, but also how best to deal with your specific needs as a foreign buyer/seller. They should also be perfectly bilingual in the country of your choice and English to be able to manage both sides of the business. Don’t be afraid to ask about their previous experience and get references from them.

4.They’re fully licensed: only use serious, professional companies with accreditation, registered in the Official School of Estate Agents or API). They should show the API logo on their website to prove their credentials, and may also be part of another association of estate agencies like MLS, ACI or AIM. It’s not worth your while risking your luck with cowboy estate agents.

5.There consummate professionals: Finally, look for other signs of professionalism and quality – can they help you organize a mortgage? Do they have a legal department? Talk to friends who have used these different services and search for their success rate and comments on the internet to give you a realistic picture of how good each of your real estate candidates are.

The information provided above by Home Search Overseas & UK Ltd is for guidelines only – you must always do your own research and seek professional advice from your “independent” qualified Real Estate Lawyer.