Why buy a home on the Costa Blanca Spain?

The Costa Blanca has been massively popular with the British, Germans and Belgians since the 1950’s and it’s not hard to see why.

The large beaches have starred on the covers of many a travel agent’s brochure with their trademark gold sands and endless blue skies- but for something a little more intimate, the smaller coves and hidden sands further along the Costa Blanca offer perfect swimming conditions and a place to get away from it all. In terms of relaxation, there are many golf courses, particularly the popular Villaitana Club de Golf. For culture, the Costa Blanca offers many galleries and museums, perhaps the best of which is La Asegurada Municipal Museum, a perfect place to view Spanish art. The Costa Blanca has never been more accessible: with flights now available year-round from just about every large and regional airport in the UK from Inverness to Manchester to Exeter, there’s never been a better time to consider a move.


Covering 120 miles or 200km of sandy southern Spanish coast, the Costa Blanca’s economy now revolves around tourism, with 60% of jobs in the service sector. As an expat, that means that there are many businesses (many British or French owned) catering to your needs, from English-speaking private schools to hairdressers, restaurants and cafes. Although massively developed from the villages which previously existed along the Costa Blanca, the area is still charming and rural away from the coastal cities. Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, and the rich land of the Costa Blanca means that traditional farming co-exists with the booming tourism industry.


Real Estate

From luxury terracotta townhouses to villas with pools, penthouse apartments and secluded country houses, exclusive properties abound on the Costa Blanca. Villas with orange and lemon trees, private swimming pools, sun-soaked terraces and sea views are frequently available, driven by a steady demand from the British, German and French markets.

Properties are high-spec, with villas built detached and with large grounds. Air conditioning, south-facing gardens, multiple bathrooms, satellite TV and pools come as standard in these luxury properties, and the right developments are usually situated within a stone’s throw of a golf course, beach, or vineyard.

Properties in the Costa Blanca are traditionally white to reflect the bright sun, with warm terracotta-tiled roofs and sun terraces: most new developments are sympathetic to this traditional Spanish aesthetic. The windows of the houses are frequently large to maximize airflow, with shutters for the hottest hours of the day. Shaded porches are common, with glass-free windows to allow the gentle sea breezes to cool you as you sit and relax in your new Costa Blanca home.


Real Estate Agents

When searching for your ideal property on the Costa Blanca, don’t be tempted to cut costs and buy privately. A reputable real estate agent on the Costa Blanca will ultimately end up making savings for you, as they bring a wealth of experience to the purchasing process. When making the momentous step of acquiring a property abroad, you’ll want to be sure that you’re in safe hands, and this is particularly important if you’re not a Spanish speaker. The real estate agents have both local and international staff with a variety of languages under their belts, meaning that your way will be eased with contractors, and the legal process. They will help you avoid common pitfalls and have the local contacts necessary to ensure that your new life on the Costa Blanca gets off to the best possible start.