Why So Many Brits Are Starting A New Life Abroad

The last decade has seen a significant rise in British people opting to move abroad for a better lifestyle.
One of the overwhelming factors which encourage Brits to move abroad is the dismal weather which blights the UK. Although the UK has beautiful countryside and stunning beaches, the weather permits how often we get to enjoy these delights. Even in summer months there is no guarantee that we can plan a picnic or a day out to the beach, as more often than not the weather will destroy our best laid plans.

Countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, France, and Italy have beautiful warm summer days and balmy nights where they can enjoy visits to the beach, evening strolls along the harbour and dining al-fresco at home or outdoor restaurants. When we see British people drinking coffee, shivering on outdoor patio’s, it is not difficult to see why a move to a warmer country is so appealing for many.

The crime rate also plays a big part in moving abroad, every one of us dream of living in a crime free country where we can enjoy life more without having to worry about the crime rate, and to bring up our young family in a safe place where our children can have more freedom with an outdoor lifestyle.


Did you know:

1) In 2011 it was reported that 1000 people are leaving the UK every day in search of warmer climates and a higher standard of living.

2) Of these 1000 people, over 40% are British Citizens.

3) Recent reports suggest that there are presently 3.4 million British people living abroad, which is 7% of the British population.

4) 15% of these Brits living abroad are classified as skilled professionals, such as doctors, paramedics and lawyers.

5) One of the contributing factors why people are leaving the UK is the increase in house prices and cost of living. In London in 2011 the average price of a house was over 400,000 pounds which is making it difficult for many young people to get on the property ladder.

6) Many wealthy Britons are now considering moving abroad due to high taxes and increased crime. 19% of British Citizens with savings of over a quarter of a million have said they would consider moving abroad.

7) Of those wealthy Britons questioned, 46% have cited crime and anti-social behavior as the most popular reason for wanting to move.

8) 41% of the wealthy Britons believe life is more stressful in the UK than other European countries, which have a slower, more relaxing pace to life.

9) The foreign embassy has reported an average of 4000 visa applications per week for people wishing to move abroad, compared with just 300 per week ten years ago.