Why so many expats are choosing to live or retire on the beautiful island of Cyprus

Cyprus is a stunning country with a thriving expat community. But, the big question is – what is it that has drawn so many people to relocate to this beautiful island nation? Here we look at just a few of the many reasons to move to Cyprus.

The third-largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers some of the most stunning scenery. This includes miles and miles of the most fantastic beaches. It also offers unique cultural traditions and a wealth of exciting places to visit.

When it comes to moving abroad, expats from all over the world, consider Cyprus to be one of the most desirable locations there is. There is a well-established, substantial UK expat community living there.

Whether you have been to Cyprus on holiday and have been captivated by the country and its people or you have heard that it is the ideal place to move to. The reason so many people flock to the Mediterranean on holiday is the excellent climate, so it stands to reason that this would be a major draw for anyone considering moving there. The island of Cyprus is blessed with long hot summers and short mild winters.

In fact, you can expect to see the sun around 89% of the time. This beautiful weather offers people plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Rain occurs mainly in winter, with summer being generally dry. But you can still find snow if you head to the Troodos Mountains in the central part of island. It is possible to Ski in the Mountains and sunbath on the same day!

While the pace of life in the UK can be somewhat frantic and rushed the same cannot be said of Cyprus, where the pace of life is far more laid back. The Mediterranean culture is very strong in this particular area, and the locals take advantage of the opportunities to take life at a slower pace.

Family and spending time together is of huge importance, and the stores close early to help make this a possibility. This laid back approach extends to getting things done where there is often little sense of urgency. So, whilst this may seem a somewhat alien concept to begin with, it is something you will quickly get used to as you adapt to life on the island.

With people becoming more aware of pollution and the effect that it can have on health; moving to an area, or country, with lower pollution rates can be high on the list of reasons for relocating.

There is little heavy industry in Cyprus; so the air, land and water do not contain industrial pollution. The air will feel cleaner and those people who have breathing issues such as asthma may in fact find their symptoms reduce. Cyprus is an ideal place for anyone looking for a better quality of life.