Escape the chilly winter months!

Winter is here, having to endure the UK’s miserable weather and shorter days over the coming months. It’s time to book yourself a winter break and start looking for a sunny bolt-hole you can retreat to each year. This is the time where that perfect holiday home in the sun makes sense. Any of these destinations should help lift the spirits…


Cyprus is a Mediterranean island rich in history, culture and full of splendid experiences in all seasons, Cyprus offers enough opportunities to have those new special experiences. Snowbirds will have many interesting activities, events, customs, and places that are unique and special to the area to thoroughly enjoy. No matter your budget, Cyprus has something to offer for everyone. Cyprus is part of the EU. This makes it a perfect winter break in Europe to enjoy the winter sun.

The climate in Cyprus is a subtropical Mediterranean type and semi-arid in the north-eastern part of the island. The island enjoys many hours of sunlight. The summers are hot and sunny along the coast, with mild winters. It is hotter further inland during the summer. Cyprus enjoys long hot summers and short mild winters with plenty of warm winter sunshine.


When thinking of a holiday in Greece, endless beaches, and hot summers come to mind. However, visiting Greece or the Greek islands in the winter months is becoming more popular, whether you’re travelling in November, December, or January, you’re sure to find somewhere for you. Greece is magical in winter and spring, full of beautiful wild flowers, and you can enjoy the wonderful walks to explore the beautiful nature that Greece has to offer, with sparkling blue sea, and sandy beaches. Greece and especially the Greek islands are truly a paradise location.

The weather, Greece enjoys long hot summers and short mild winters, it’s a perfect location to enjoy the winters and to experience the traditional Greek lifestyle, and to explore this beautiful country with it’s interesting history and culture.

Canary Islands

Lying off Morocco at the same latitude as the scorching Sahara, it makes sense that this popular Spanish archipelago enjoys winter temperatures of 18ºC -21ºC. As a rule, whichever island you pick, avoid being inland and at altitude in the winter, and stick to the balmier southern coasts, which tend to be less exposed to the Atlantic trade winds found in the north of the islands.

Attracting sun-seekers from all over Europe, flights from the UK to the four main Canary islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are plentiful. But it’s the first two islands that are especially popular in the winter, thanks to their more diverse scenery, larger year-round resorts and better choice of leisure amenities. The warm sea temperature helps too!


With just a short flight from the UK, Spain is the perfect location to catch some winter sunshine! Costa del Sol in southern Spain enjoys an average of more than 320 sunny days each year, making it the sunniest place in Spain.

Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking about where you could go to get a dose of winter sun and our 5 favourite destinations in Spain to visit during winter, in no particular order…