Legal Support

Legal Support

Our company Home Search Overseas co-operates with highly qualified lawyers in Greece with specialized expertise and knowledge in the various legal practice areas.

We recommend You with our co-operating lawyers, which You freely can choose and which guarantees always timely legal assistance through all stages of buying real estate, property, rent, construction of real estate, capital investment and obtaining of the Golden Visa and residency permit. They are specified in providing legal services to individuals, entities and to financial institutions.

Our translators assist our co-operating lawyers in the preparation of legal documents. Our translators provide You all documentation and advices in the understandable language (collaboration process and negotiations with the company are carried out on the clients request in Greek, English or German). The translators provided the translation services with the subsequent notarization, as well as interpretation services, simultaneous translation during  negotiations and other business meetings.

Our network of legal co-operation extends across Greece, as well as in foreign States.


Fields of Legal Services that You will and/or may receive

Civil law – Real Estate Property – Construction – Investments

  • Property title transition
  • Residential and commercial property rent.
  • Parental gift settlement
  • Gift settlement – Wills – Acceptance of legacy.
  • Property management
  • Property leasing and timeshare
  • Property construction and repair contracts. Property construction by shares.
  • Real obligations and security


Commercial law – Company law – Bank law

  • Taxes, company and individuals taxation. International tax law.
  • Double Taxation Avoidance agreements.
  • Government projects, public institutions law, Public- Private partnership.
  • Town planning and construction law.
  • Forestry and environment protection law.
  • Power systems law – renewable power sources.

Also be informed about Immigration Law


Residence permit

Preparing applications and legal support of foreigners in competent bodies Directorates of the Ministry of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization, municipalities, Immigration Directorates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or Police Immigration departments).



Types of residency permit

  • Dependent employment or provision of services or work;
  • Seasonal employment;
  • Corporate executives;
  • Temporary travel for the provision of services;
  • Athletes-Coaches;
  • Members of artistic groups;
  • Intellectual creators;
  • Members of schools of archaeology.



  • Independent economic activity;
  • Development of investment activity.



  • Studies;
  • Vocational training;
  • Scholars-Special programs;
  • Studies at military academies;
  • Acquisition of medical specialty;
  • Financially independent persons;
  • Adult children of diplomatic officers;
  • Diplomatic delegations’ service staff;
  • Foreign press correspondents;
  • Ministers of known religions;
  • Athonias Academy;
  • Study of, acquaintance with and practice of monastic life;
  • Organized tourist group leaders
  • Researchers


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